Machine guards

Our specialists at Press Engineering have extensive experience designing guarding for production line equipment. We know how to give your guarding the attention to detail it deserves.

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Is your guarding safe, or safe and efficent?

Well-designed guarding can significantly boost your production line's efficiency

There is no hiding from the the fact that guarding is a crucial element of a machine or production line, yet the guarding design is often left until last and not given as much thought as the parts that are seen to relate directly to productivity. While guards are primarily a safety measure, they also crucially control the interaction between man and machine. As such, their design can be a significant factor in optimising a machine's performance.

Numerous regulations and standards governing the design of machine guards must be complied with in production environments – familiarity with these guidelines only comes from years of industry experience. As the designer becomes familiar with the ‘rules’, the ‘game’ becomes easier.

Specialists such as Press Engineering can undertake the complete design, fabrication and installation of guarding, delivering the best possible combination of safety and efficiency.